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Want to GROW or SAVE your business?

Discover how business coaching will change your
business forever. Nick Ikonomou helped over 300
businesses in One on One assignments. Are you ready?

Want to GROW or SAVE your business?

Discover how business coaching will change your
business forever. Nick Ikonomou helped over 400
businesses in One on One assignments. Are you ready?

Business Coaching Melbourne

Small to Medium Business Coaching and Mentoring and Training in Melbourne

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Nick Ikonomou

Business Coaching, Mentoring and
Training In Melbourne

  • Ready to grow your business to the next level?
  • Save it from disaster?
  • Keen on making more profit from your business?
  • Having challenges managing your team and recruiting the right people, or are you frustrated with who you have in place right now?
  • Is confrontation a challenge for you because you fear losing your team members?
  • Working longer hours than you really want to?
  • Working on succession planning with your family members or middle managers?
  • Do you value business training and is working with a business trainer who is the industry leader important to you?
  • Are you an entrepreneur and are keen on exploring your ideas with an experienced business person?
  • Are you a very successful business owner and want to explore how far you can go?
  • Are you looking for a Guarantee or a special offer and want to save on one month’s coaching for free?

When I first made contact with Nick I was fed up with my business and was basically looking for guidance on how to get my business ready for sale. Nick took me on as a client and in just over 12 months he has helped completely change the way I think about my business. I now have a business that does not completely rely on myself and have a much better work life balance than I did previously. We are on track to have our best year yet despite not being able to work during stage 4 lockdown and I am now committed to continuing to grow the business in ways I never thought was possible. Thanks Nick for all your help and guidance.

Luke Eastick

We have been coached by Nick since 2007 and couldn’t have achieved the success we have had without him. He has always been a positive and progressive stimulus for our team, no matter what position we have been in over the years. In any business there will always be times when you find yourself wondering if it is all worth it and when just going and working for someone else seems like the better option. This is where Nick will be at his best pointing out all the positives of our situation and helping us drive forward with strategies to produce better results for our business and by extension our personal lives also. We couldn’t recommend his services more highly.

Alastair and Kim Wilson

After many years in a long-standing family business, with accepting survival and minimal profits as “good enough” we decided to seek professional help in the area of business management. For years we had considered hard work, long hours and loyalty to sub-contractors was the formula to a good business (wrong). We realised the business had more potential but did not know how to capitalise on this, we approached Nick Ikonomou with a wish list of where we would like to be, and in a few short months, Nick has helped turn this business around, and turned our personal lives and positivity around as well. We would use the similarity of a football team that has been chasing a flag for a lifetime and finally have a coach to carry them through to the final. He has done the preparation and teaching, now we have the ability to win the prize. With the introduction of new systems and ideas we can already see a huge turnaround in the development of our company, and with the goals set by Nick at our monthly meetings, makes us more accountable and can finally see profits and success looming. We will be forever grateful for our connection with Nick Ikonomou and his services.

Jason and Darren Charles

The 5 Step Process

When becoming a client of CoachNick

CoachNick will analyse, breakdown and extrapolate your business and pinpoint the areas of improvement, change and discussion. By utilising his knowledge and plethora of experience in a wide range of industries he will formulate a plan of attack!

CoachNick gives you tools and steps to improve the identified blind spots. Together you will execute efficiently and with discipline!

Why a Trusted Business Advisor is Crucial for Your Business

For your business to be effective, it’s essential to spend less time working IN it and more time ON it.
As a result, you’ll spend less total time working and more time making money.

You crave freedom, lifestyle and the ability to be your own boss. CoachNick comprehends your struggles and aims to guide you and your business to financial success. Business coaching in and around Melbourne helps you address problems you may be facing in your business, and can set you up for greater successes than going it alone. With extensive knowledge and a perpetual drive for success, CoachNick wants to see you flourish!

As a certified, professional Business Coach and Mentor in Melbourne, I can show you how to put the FUN back into your business and your life. 1 out of 3 businesses fail in their first year. 4 out of 5 fail in the first 5 years and even if you survived that, you may be just treading water and jaded from all of those years of doing it hard. Don’t be a tragic statistic. Be a winner. Winners work with business coaches regardless of their situation.

Using my experience as a business adviser, I tailor my business coaching to help you meet your specific goals for growth. First, I help you redefine your vision. The next step is to implement the critical systems, strategies and tactics required. By following this path, you will be guided all the way to success. Whether you’re after a business coach, training, small business mentoring, or even assistance with your motivation, you must look at all areas of your operations to sustain profitable development.

Growing and making real profits is a must and it can only be achieved by working on some, if not all key areas.

On top of all that, I will open up a great networking opportunity for you in which it will be possible to pursue future leads. This opportunity comes in the form of client-to-client introductions at formal, high-profile, top level events. This opportunity alone could return your investment right away and is included in the programs.

We define a successful business as a “commercial, profitable enterprise that will continue to work even without you”. As one of the top professional business coaches and mentors in Melbourne, I will function as an unreasonable friend who holds you accountable to keep you on the path toward your goals.

Business Development Areas

  • Business advice
  • Business strategy and planning
  • Sales
  • Marketing and advertising
  • Time Management
  • Team Building
  • Recruitment
  • Financial Management of cashflow, budgets, profit and losses and Key Performance Indicators
  • Communication
  • Systems
  • Business development
  • Customer service
  • Succession planning
  • Conflict resolution
  • Goal setting
  • Negotiation skills in business purchasing, selling and leases

Discover the benefits of small business coaching and mentoring.

Nick Ikonomou provides Business Coaching, Mentoring and Training In Melbourne

Since 1999, professional Melbourne business coach Nick Ikonomou (or CoachNick as he is often referred to) has helped over 400 small to medium businesses with one-on-one coaching assignments. Is yours next? Find out how our “results guarantee” works and the very real benefits you can gain from this coaching and mentoring program.

As well as a professional business coach, Nick is a qualified accountant with a Bachelor of Business in Accounting and a CPA.

His number one purpose in helping business owners as a mentor is to make them great and create a flow on effect on others as a result of their success.

Business coaching with a trusted business developer is for those business owners who are ready to grow or improve their business. The time is NOW! Call us for a free two hour session.

Nick Ikonomou

Business Coaching, Mentoring And
Training In Melbourne

Nick Ikonomou

As a certified, professional Business Coach and Mentor in Melbourne, CoachNick can show you how to unlock the potential of your business through the creation and refinement of your structure and processes.

1 out of 3 businesses fail in their first year. 4 out of 5 fail in the first 5 years and even if you survived that, you may be just treading water and jaded from all of those years of doing it hard.

Don’t become a mere statistic. Become a winner by shifting your business mindset. Winners work with business coaches regardless of the level of success they have achieved. Since 1999, CoachNick has assisted over 400 businesses in one-on-one business coaching assignments in Melbourne. CoachNick coaches, on average, 35 individual businesses at any given time. These sessions are private and confidential. Coaching over 400 businesses has led to CoachNick providing business coaching across a wide range of dynamic industries and has a combined 30 years of business experience.

With distinctions in both business management and accounting, CoachNick possesses the necessary accolades, knowledge and expertise to tackle any business and rapidly flip the switch to turn your business into a profitable machine.

Get Started Today

There is no time like the present to get started to work on your short and long-term business goals. Working with an experienced business mentor is the first step towards meeting your outcomes.

Call us NOW on 0419 342 766 for an OBLIGATION-FREE consultation. Find out how, with coaching and mentoring, you can change the way you operate to achieve the results you deserve!