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Monthly: February 2016

Who Dares, Wins

Quick Business Tip – Who Dares, Wins

September 16, 2021

Who dares, wins – You’ve heard that one before, but, how does it apply to small business? Risk v Return applies to investments, relationships and business, of course. Ever seen an ugly dude with a beautiful woman? He dared, yes, he felt l...

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Time Waits For Nobody

Quick Business Tip – Time Waits For Nobody

September 16, 2021

Tick tock, it already happened. How did you spend that time? Were you proud of it? Were you positive or negative? Were you productive or wasteful? Were you pro-active or reflective? If you take all the positive options, imagine how ...

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Enough Is Enough

Quick Business Tip – Enough Is Enough

September 16, 2021

When is enough, actually enough? The pursuit of growth and wealth and balance is an interesting conundrum. Some people come from the perspective of “I need to become extremely wealthy” or “I love business and where it will take me” or...

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