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Monthly: November 2017

Does working harder really work?

Quick Business Tip – Does working harder really work?

July 01, 2022

Business owners often fall for the trap of making up for other shortfalls in their business and themselves by working longer and harder. Those shortcomings may be financial or skill based. The problem with working harder rather than smarter is t...

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Should you focus on your Strengths or Weaknesses?

Quick Business Tip – Should you focus on your Strengths or Weaknesses?

July 01, 2022

Well, both. However, in different proportions. Remember, your weaknesses are the ones which are holding you back to achieving amazing things and you need to work out how to get them out of your way. This means upskilling yourself in the areas of...

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Introducing ActionCOACH Business Coach Nick Ikonomou

Quick Business Tip – Having Fun? You better be.

July 01, 2022

Here's my quick observation across my wide experience with business owners. One major ingredient separates the successful ones from the struggling ones. It's the ability to have fun along the way. Are successful people void of challenges, setbac...

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