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How To Deal With Holiday Breaks.

Quick Business Tip – How powerful is “being pleasant” in business?

May 16, 2017

Business owners choose the way they run their businesses and often the business is a reflection of themselves, especially how they behave under pressure. Think about it, when you deal with small businesses, do you appreciate gr...

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Knowledge is Power

Quick Business Tip – Knowledge is Power

May 9, 2017

Perhaps you have already heard this before, however, relevant and actionable knowledge is the most important here. General knowledge is fantastic, but, we live in a busy and fast world now. We are constantly bombarded with reading inform...

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Quick Business Tip

Quick Business Tip – What does “Working On The Business” really mean

April 27, 2017

A lot of business owners mistaken the definition of "Working on the business" as trying to get more work for their business. That's not it. Getting more work is in the form of promoting your business through marketing and selling through...

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What Do Your Customers Want?

Quick Business Tip – What Do Your Customers Want?

April 18, 2017

Do you really know what your customers are looking for? Most business owners think it's all about them. No, they're not looking for a business coach, a doctor, an accountant, a tooling manufacturer, a signwriter, or a baker. In f...

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Time Waits For Nobody

Quick Business Tip – Being Successful in Sales

March 29, 2017

Hot tips on becoming a great sales person: - Appropriate personal grooming - Confident persona - Punctual - Honest - Driven - Results oriented - Accountable - Constant learn...

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Winner Takes All?

Quick Business Tip – Winner Takes All?

March 14, 2017

There are winners and there are losers. You often hear that. In reality, if that is true, neither party wins long term. It's only a short term strategy. If you are after lasting client relationships, there has to be a Win/Win approach. A...

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Are numbers scaring you?

Quick Business Tip – Are numbers scaring you?

March 7, 2017

Often I hear business owners say: "I don't know my numbers" "wish I could just spend all my time doing what I'm good at" or "I didn't become a business owner to be an accountant". Well, if that sounds like...

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Best ideas on beating your competition

Quick Business Tip – Best ideas on beating your competition

March 1, 2017

From my experience with coaching over 300 business owners in one on one assignments you may be surprised what you will see. Here are my Top 5 ...

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How common is loyalty?

Quick Business Tip – How common is loyalty?

February 17, 2017

That's a tricky one. Customers and suppliers expect it, but, often they struggle with their end of the bargain. The law of reciprocity tells you that if you want to be treated one way, you must act that way to everyone and when all is sa...

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Buying A Business Successfully

Quick Business Tip – Buying A Business Successfully

November 9, 2016

Buying a business is very tricky and you really do need to speak to people who can help you along the way. Making an error may costs you an irreversible situation. I certanily don’t want to discourage you from buying, but, you must be ...

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