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    Business Consultant

    Since 1999, Nick Ikonomou, has offered his services as a one-on-one coaching expert and business consultant in Melbourne to over 300 small to medium businesses. With CoachNick on your side, you will make your company a more efficient business. You will make more money by having your eyes on those aspects that truly matter to your company’s evolution. Whether you are just starting a business or have been in operation for years, a dedicated business consultant in Melbourne like CoachNick will help flatten your learning curve, give you the courage to get out of your own way so you can charge what you are worth, become more creative and start a new line of products or increase your prices if they are too low.
    CoachNick will offer you an unbiased opinion to take into consideration before making an important decision, as his duties being your dedicated business consultant in Melbourne start with studying your business in depth in order to understand how it works and which plants would be the most suitable ones for it. CoachNick as your business consultant in Melbourne will come to you with no biases about your industry or company, having never worked in your business. When you have questions as a leader, this provides a great forum for unbiased advice from an expert small business consultant like Nick Ikonomou to help you come up with the answers to your problems.
    Trust CoachNick to be your business consultant in Melbourne and always remember that there is no better time than now to begin working on your short and long-term business objectives. Speak to us right now of you want to know more about coachNick Ikonomou on 0419 342 766. We’ll give you a FREE consultation and learn how business coaching can help you.

    We started our business coaching with CoachNick just prior to COVID. Nick’s extensive experience in business, coaching, finance, marketing and all facets of business has proven to be invaluable. Our regular 1 on 1s and resources have assisted us in navigating what has been a tricky time in business, which has seen us grow our new customers and top line, streamline our systems and recruitment, aid enhanced profitability and overall business performance has improved substantially. If you are looking for an experienced business coach with extensive resources, real life experience and across industry expertise, look no further. Highly recommend CoachNick.

    David Spithill

    When I first made contact with Nick I was fed up with my business and was basically looking for guidance on how to get my business ready for sale. Nick took me on as a client and in just over 12 months he has helped completely change the way I think about my business. I now have a business that does not completely rely on myself and have a much better work life balance than I did previously. We are on track to have our best year yet despite not being able to work during stage 4 lockdown and I am now committed to continuing to grow the business in ways I never thought was possible. Thanks Nick for all your help and guidance.

    Luke Eastick

    We have been coached by Nick since 2007 and couldn’t have achieved the success we have had without him. He has always been a positive and progressive stimulus for our team, no matter what position we have been in over the years. In any business there will always be times when you find yourself wondering if it is all worth it and when just going and working for someone else seems like the better option. This is where Nick will be at his best pointing out all the positives of our situation and helping us drive forward with strategies to produce better results for our business and by extension our personal lives also. We couldn’t recommend his services more highly.

    Alastair and Kim Wilson

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