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Are you seeking a business coach and mentor that has a proven track record and in-depth experience in stabilising and cementing business growth? Exceeding expectations and providing you with a plan of attack to maximise ROI? Typically, white collar businesses rely on professionalism and practical processes to stand out ahead of the pack. With the assistance of CoachNick through individualised business coaching, you can now encompass many fundamentals and implement new and innovative solutions that will expand and grow your business.

Rapid growth and over expansion

Owners, entrepreneurs and leaders often confuse success with how fast they can expand. They don’t conduct thorough research to ensure they get the timing and funding right.

Lack of planning

It is critical for businesses to have a plan, including a clear strategy and unique value proposition. The vast majority tend to not reach their potential because of this fundamental shortcoming.


Learn to best guide, lead and set expectations and outcomes. Through the application of strategies and structured processes,you will possess the tools to effectively navigate throughoffice politics or conflict, as well as enhancing staff productivity and morale.

The list is large and each client has their unique circumstances. That is why CoachNick stands out from the crowd and administers 1 on 1 personal business coaching for business service sectors.

Typically, white collar businesses rely on professionalism to stand out ahead of the pack. Most common issues faced are:

  • Finding quality staff
  • Expensive staff not providing adequate return on investment
  • Communication issues, especially with highly technical businesses such as IT, accounting, law firms and architectural
  • Marketing knowledge tends to be low
  • Time management
  • Financial management skills aren’t always utilised to an appropriate level

CoachNick is a versatile business coach with expertise in understanding matters relating to accounting, legal, IT, real estate, recruitment, insurance, finance, mortgages, travel, project management, digital marketing, web development, architecture, and general consultancy. He offers valuable guidance and strategies to optimize financial practices, navigate industry regulations, leverage technology, maximize success in real estate and recruitment, provide comprehensive business planning, and excel in digital marketing and event management. With CoachNick’s expertise, businesses can unlock their full potential across multiple sectors.

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