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How Do You Know If You Have What It Takes To Be Super Successful In Business?

Wednesday July 11, 2012

10 Reasons Why People In Business Are Successful

Is “getting by” good enough in today’s business world? Definitely not. The reality is, there is always someone else trying just that little bit harder than you in your industry and most of the time, there are a lot of people trying harder than you. That exposes you to a diminished opportunity to seize a great market share. So, what are the ingredients?

100% focus. Multi-focus distractions are counter-productive. How good could you be if all your effort went into one thing? Imagine playing 2 sports at the exact same time, it’s impossible, right?
Be prepared to adjust to “x” factors. There’s always something around the corner that could be a good thing which you can seize as an opportunity or there may be something that causes you grief and your adaptability is paramount. Each year presents new “x” factors or two.

  • Keep learning. The moment you think you know it all, you’re in deep trouble. The most successful people out there are permanent learners.
  • Network continuously. People like doing business with people they see, so, don’t hide behind the desk.
  • Keep up with the online revolution. Previous decades saw off a lot of older business people because they just couldn’t keep pace with the modern technology. It’s one skill you never want to take forgranted.
  • Be happy. Who wants to deal with grumpy people. Do a lot of things in and out of your business that make you happy. Invest heavily in this and watch your business grow.
  • Mix with the right people. Don’t hang around those who won’t add value to your life.

I could go on… If you want to find out more secrets of success or to help you focus on the above, call me on (03) 9439 5201 for a free one hour consultation.

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