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How Many Hours A Week Do You Work In Your Business?

Wednesday April 18, 2012

5 Reasons Why You Would Want Business Coach Nick Ikonomou

If the answers are too many or I’m not making enough money regardless of the hours I work, then, talk to a business coach.
First of all, making money is a prerogative of a business owner. Once that happens, reducing the hours that a business owner works ought to be the next stage. In my experience, business owners want flexibility and to make a great amount of money at the same time over and above a salary they can earn working for somebody else.

Where it gets all complicated is when a business owner works a lot and doesn’t make or is losing money. Serious help is needed, so, speak to a business coach who can get you out of this situation systematically. But, be warned – you will need to follow all suggestions diligently.

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