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Quick Business Tip – Is The Lack Of Enough Money The Root Of Business Owner’s Challenges?

Tuesday October 20, 2015

Sales Is Queen, Profit Is King And Positive

Quick business tip – Is the lack of enough money the root of business owner’s challenges?
The simple answer is yes. However, when you dig deeper, you will realise that it’s the classic case of “Catch 22″. You can’t afford it so you don’t spend it and you don’t fix what you need fixing. If you work too hard, it’s probably because you believe that you can’t afford someone. If you’re not making enough profit, it’s probably because you’re not marketting enough. So, if we accept that it is a “Catch 22″ position, a business owner must back their instinct and place those things in front to regain control of their business. Extra people will allow the owner to concentrate on higher end activities and if you are not sure of what they are, talk to a business coach. Extra marketing will provide more leads and give you the opportunity to grow your business. If you don’t know or are frustrated on how your marketing is going, talk to a business coach. If you are not closing the deals as efficiently, talk to a business coach. If you are not pricing correctly or think that you should beat your competition on quotes by being the cheapest, talk to a business coach. Just remember, in business cash flows and is not static because of new opportunities, so, don’t freeze when it comes to business.

I think I made myself clear, the opportunity to grow is only in your head and the first thing to consider when wanting to change the habits that you are used to is to talk to a business coach. You can call me on 0419 342 766 for a free 2 hour session on how to break those old habits.

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