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Quick Business Tip – Are numbers scaring you?

Tuesday March 7, 2017

Are numbers scaring you?

Often I hear business owners say:

“I don’t know my numbers”

“wish I could just spend all my time doing what I’m good at” or

“I didn’t become a business owner to be an accountant”.

Well, if that sounds like you in your small to medium sized business, then, brace yourself for what is required to be successful.

It’s rare to find a successful business owner who has abdigated their responsibility to be financially literate to their bookkeeper or accountant. As a director of your business, you are obliged to have a proficient level of knowledge of your financials. When all is said and done, your bookkeeper or accountant don’t own your business and if something goes wrong, it will be all on your head to be responsible to people you owe money to. As a business coach with an accounting background, my role is to educate all of my clients to be financially literate. This way they all have full control over what they are doing with timely budgets, forecasts and KPIs that are relevant to their businesses.

If you are seeking to be in the same boat, contact me and I will show you how easily you will start taking control of your worst fear – the fear of the unknown.

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