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Quick Business Tip – The Art of Negotiation

Tuesday June 27, 2017

The Art of Negotiation

Do you feel that you could do with ideas on how to negotiate better? Know of people who seem to have it down to an art form?

Positive negotiation is best when viewed from a win/win perspective. It’s important to leave something on the table and have a deal done then not having it done at all. It’s reckless trying to bulldoze someone into something that leaves them red-faced. Yes, there may be instances when someone is vulnerable and they don’t have a choice, but, I am not talking about this kind of a situation. I’m referring to a position where both parties can walk away.

The key is to work out what is valuable to the other person and offer it to them. That means you need to be aware of it. This can be a side issue to the thing that is being negotiated. It can be a distraction, yet, a useful negotiating tool.

Silence is also a very powerful tool. Typically, when an offer of some kind is made, it’s imperative not to nmake the next move to avoid being seen as desperate. This also applies to face to face negotiation. Silence is a very uncomfortable thing to do for most, so, learning this one is critical.

If you want to find out more useful tips on how to negotiate effectively, please give me a call.

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