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Quick Business Tip – Do you want to be a winner or a sinner?

Wednesday August 29, 2018

Do you want to be a winner or a sinner?

Winners are grinners, but, losers may become sinners. Winning in business is about creating a mixture of earning an income greater than when you worked for someone else, making a healthy profit to re-invest back into the growth of your business AND work responsible hours per week to ensure you don’t dilute your hourly rate. And most of all, only AFTER achieving all the previous benefits, have the flexibility to take good quality, frequent and lengthier holiday breaks. Would you like a life like that?

How do business owners become sinners? They become disgruntled with their plight that they are not achieving some or all of the previously mentioned benefits and as a result they have not so positive thoughts and behaviours. Envy, tall-poppy syndromes, saboteurs to others and themselves can creep into their behaviour, playing a lose-lose game. That is, if I’m not getting what I need, you certainly won’t get a chance to enjoy your opportunity. These are sapping people to be around, but, unfortunately, they are the majority of small business owners.

One wise man told me. If you want to improve yourself, hang around with those that will take you there. You will earn within 10% of those you hang around with and do the things they do. Check your circles. Are you aiming for this or are people holding you back and you are in their game, rather than yours. Which game do you want to play in, yours or theirs?

Who do you want to be? A winner or a sinner?

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