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Quick Business Tip – Enough Is Enough

Thursday February 4, 2016

Enough Is Enough

When is enough, actually enough? The pursuit of growth and wealth and balance is an interesting conundrum. Some people come from the perspective of “I need to become extremely wealthy” or “I love business and where it will take me” or “I couldn’t work for anyone else” or “I am not happy with what I have got in this business and I must improve”.

The important thing is for business owners to get clarity around what the business is meant to do for them. Is it cashflow, lifestyle or independence that they are seeking? They need to understand when they have actually achieved those levels and to celebrate those achievements. I often see business owners always grumpy because they miss celebrating the good aspects of their business. If the owner believes that business will not provide them with the ups and downs in their business, they should get out. The problem is, what else would they do? Would another business or a job stop them from feeling like that? Is it now ingrained in them to feel like that all the time?

Work out what makes you happy, celebrate it and challenge yourself with the next stage. Never regret any part of your past, as it is what shapes you, so, be careful what you tell yourself.

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