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Quick Business Tip – Having Fun? You better be.

Thursday November 2, 2017

Introducing ActionCOACH Business Coach Nick Ikonomou

Here’s my quick observation across my wide experience with business owners. One major ingredient separates the successful ones from the struggling ones. It’s the ability to have fun along the way. Are successful people void of challenges, setbacks and at times financial struggles? Of course not. They experience very similar challenges as the unsuccessful ones. However, there is that one innate difference – the attitude towards those challenges. It’s for this reason, I want to make it clear in this message, you have a choice on how you react to anything that happens to you. But, choose wisely, as this will shape how you will act from here on. I’ve seen amazing successes through my clients and it consistently comes back to one major thing – the way they perceived the situation and the way they absorbed the actions in an environment of positive attitude. We only live once on this planet (well, most of us believe that), albeit for a very minute of time in the context of humanity. Let’s choose wisely how we want to spend that time. Let’s not take ourselves too seriously.

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