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Quick Business Tip – How Being Counter Intuitive Is A Skill To Die For

Tuesday June 11, 2019

How Being Counter Intuitive Is A Skill To Die For

I asked a few business people this question:

“At what level do you think are the average business owner’s business skills like?”

The choices were: Good, Average or Poor. All of them said between Average and Poor.

That’s interesting. What this tells me is that when the pressure is on, business owners would almost always do what most other business owners would do to save their situation. Basically copy something that doesn’t work for the Average to Poor business owner. Let’s face it, Average doesn’t pay the bills effectively.

I challenge you to think counter intuitively. For example, recently we had a situation in Melbourne where the two sets of public holidays were closer than ever and a pre-election period prolonged the lack of decision making in the economy which slowed down everything. The natural (Average) thinking is that things are tough and tightening of the belt would be a prudent way to tackle this period. I say, counter intuitive thinking should kick in. There are still buyers out there in all industries, so, “More” not Less marketing is the way to get yourself out of it. As other Average businesses stop advertising, your advertising and business development will stand out even more. If your gut feel started to look at things that way, then, you’re well on the way to command things in your market place.

Remember, most successes came from difficult times when astute business people and investors made their move. Is it time that you join that group?

If you need any help with taking advantage of this unique time, I’d be happy to lead you in the right direction with superior business skills.

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