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Quick Business Tip – How significant is mental toughness in business?

Thursday May 10, 2018

How significant is mental toughness in business?

Extremely, as unfortunately business is not easy and whilst some may argue that it can be unfair at times, I believe it is very fair. It’s a great measure of performance. When you are employed, a lot can be masked that would otherwise be transparent when running an SME business. As an employee, most employees tend to have a narrow scope of responsibilities, hence, fewer worries. A business owner commences as the ultimate allrounder, skilled in one thing and winging it across the rest of the (departmental) responsibilities and then morph into this person who recognises that doing it all themselves is crazy. They commence employing and then the new world seeps in. Recruiting and managing people. And this is where most business owners get undone. Even with larger SMEs, that is still a general weakness in a business despite what they think. Cracks start showing when people leave and it’s at this point that mental toughness is extremely important. Clear decisions need to be made on how to do it better and not give in. However, doing it the same way as always is, as we know, the definition of insanity, if we want different results.

A business coach is the ultimate in support to build resilience and mental toughness. We help rationalise what’s in front of us and give our clients tools to move onto proactive strategies to deal with business in a more efficient and profitable way. If that resonates with you, what are you waiting for? Build mental toughness through learning how to do it from a professional.

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