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Quick Business Tip – How To Deal With Holiday Breaks.

Thursday December 17, 2015

How To Deal With Holiday Breaks.

You are probably looking for some wizbang idea on how to manage your time, answer all your clients calls, be ready for the start of next year etc. Well, hopefully you won’t be disappointed. My idea of a holiday is to actually have a holiday.
Most of the time I talk to business owners is about setting up their business so that it doesn’t freak them out when they are away, particularly for long times. Your employees gladly take holidays and don’t stress, so, why shouldn’t you, the business owner? The responsibilities an owner carries into business ownership are huge, however, the important thing to remember is that business is a journey and if something is meant to be working for you, it must start doing it now. If for any reason you can’t tune out from your business for financial, employee, or volume of work reasons, then, we need to talk in the new year.

Make next year a “no-phone, no email holiday” and prove to yourself that business ownership is the best thing you have ever decided to do for yourself.

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