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Quick Business Tip – Knowing When To Get Out Of Your Business

Wednesday October 26, 2016

Knowing When To Get Out Of Your Business

Ever wondered what is the trigger point for getting out of your business? Is the best time when your heart is no longer in it? There is no way that you will do yourself or your business any service if you do things half-hearted. If you work for someone else, you may cruise through it, but, in running of a small business, there is nowhere to hide. Your results will clearly reflect the effort you are putting in. The challenge is, when you are on top of your game, you are less emotionally likely to decide to sell, but, when you are struggling in your business, you may have eroded the value in your business, hence, a poor business sale opportunity.
The best way is to do a 5 year plan and decide to give it your best, do your best and decide whether after all that effort you are ready to part with your business. You will find that by doing your best, your business will flourish, hence, it diminishes the need to sell, however, depending on your age or urge to start new projects, you will be in an enviable position to choose.

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