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Quick Business Tip – Knowledge is Power

Tuesday May 9, 2017

Knowledge is Power

Perhaps you have already heard this before, however, relevant and actionable knowledge is the most important here. General knowledge is fantastic, but, we live in a busy and fast world now. We are constantly bombarded with reading information in the form of social media, emails and our own interests that we pursue. There is only so much time left over for quality learning. I suggest you research networking opportunities in business. Surround yourself with positive and successful people. Find out what they’re into. This will rub off on you if you are genuinely interested in being successful. There are plenty of legacies left over from past and current successful people. Ask them what they think makes them successful. As far as books and e-books are concerned, to be most efficient, acknowledge what your weaknesses are and research them on that basis. Don’t get stuck on just one weakness. Progress onto other topics. Keep it fresh. Is it motivation that you lack? What about clarity? Could it be marketing? What about selling? Financial intelligence? What about leadership and recruitment skills? Not sure how to create systems? If you are new to the business world, do you need to learn how to buy a business and the first stages of owning it? Focus on what you need first and then move onto the next thing. Time is precious.

Of course, as a business coach, I guide my clients on the step by step process on what they need to learn next based on their current knowledge base and then directly take them to the next level by giving people the skills they need on any business related topics. Most of the times it will be directly by me teaching them and at times they will be guided to external learning material. Shout out if you need assistance in this area.

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