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Quick Business Tip – Now is the time to hold your nerve

Tuesday July 7, 2020

Now is the time to hold your nerve

We’ve had the inital Covid-19 shock once the restrictions started. We grunted it out. We saw the positive signs and then………………..

We didn’t listen carefully what the government told us. It was always part of the plan to release the community gradually over time and without the vaccination being available, it was expected that higher numbers of infections will be recorded, primarily due to exponentially higher testing. Cluster, specific businesses and suburb control was all communicated to us. We accepted this and wanted this. So, why all this panic now? It’s because, as humans, we quickly forget and move on. History has always shown us this. Complacency set in across the board and now people are gobsmacked trying to make sense out of the current uncertainties. This is our life for the foreseeable future. Adapt and stand out.

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