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Quick Business Tip – Sports And Businesses Run The Same.

Thursday March 31, 2016

Sports And Businesses Run The Same.

Professional sports these days are run no differently to any business you may think of.
Administration is structured the same. However, the less likely analogy is regarding the playing management. Let’s have a look at it now. How does this apply to the small business out there. Let’s compare an AFL, ALeague or NRL club with the small business.
The Business Owner is like the Football Operations Manager.
The General Manager, which a small business owner should be aspiring to appoint during the growth of their business, is like the Captain .
The Employees are like the team, the actual players themselves.
And of course, what sporting organisation doesn’t have a coach? However, this is the glaring gap for so many small business owners. Do they ALL have a business coach? As of 2016, not all. However, that is the current point of difference for small business owners. They are guided by professionals who know their stuff and bounce ideas and strategies consistently to take the business to a new and exciting level.
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