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Quick Business Tip – Take the “Busy” out of Business

Wednesday March 13, 2019

Take the "Busy" out of Business

Have you ever heard business owners make these comments?: “need to make time”, “ran out of time”, “keeping my head above water”, “I’m drowning in it”, “I don’t have time”, “I’ll never get that done”, “sorry, I forgot to do that”, “when I get some time”, “things should ease up soon” “when things drop off, I will…”.

Of course you have. You probably heard yourself say some of those things as well.

In business it’s quite simple. You either make money or lose money. You either invest time or lose time. Prioritisation is key. Not every action item has value. Some things have greater value than others. Remember, in business you “make” money, not “earn” money. To make money, you:

(1.) spend (invest) money into it (capital, Cost of Goods or Overheads, incl. labour); and

(2.) put in (invest) time to make your business run smoother in the future.

The worst money you can spend is on irrelevant luxuries. And the worst time you can spend is on business unrelated activities. If you have already invested in a team, then, your No.1 goal is to work on them to deliver what your business does through proper training and leadership. That’s how you gain leverage so that time is no longer an issue.

If you want to explore how to transition into this way of running your business and stay disciplined to be consistent in this area, give me a call and we’ll cover the fundamentals.

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