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Quick Business Tip – Watch Out For Ego Suicide

Thursday September 22, 2016

Watch Out For Ego Suicide

Recently I spoke about the effective way of using your instinct to become a great business person. This is not to be confused with the cowboy attitude that whatever you touch will turn into gold. I call it “Ego Suicide”. Business owners in this space roll the dice wrecklessly way too often. They get caught out every now and then, but, when they do, it sets them back for years, if not decades. I have been just as guilty of it at stages just as some of those people. You actually don’t realise that you are doing it. It’s a bit like an addiction. Personally, I’ve learnt to recognise it and have learnt through experience how to make better decisions more often.

If you want to learn how to avoid those traps and be accountable to someone who understands business very well, please give me a call.

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