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Quick Business Tip – What does “Working On The Business” really mean

Thursday April 27, 2017

Quick Business Tip

A lot of business owners mistaken the definition of “Working on the business” as trying to get more work for their business. That’s not it. Getting more work is in the form of promoting your business through marketing and selling through your selling skills and online direct channels which need “selling” overtones.

“Working On The Business” is the TIME spent developing: systems, new marketing initiatives, planning, working with business coaches and meeting in constructive and most likely planned and regular intervals. It’s the classic Catch 22. “Do I invest the time now to have a better result more permanently down the track, or do I cheat and grab what’s in front of me now?” That’s what a business owner is confronted with. Mature business owners tend to value “Working on the business” and that’s why their growth is more solid and safe. Others flounder or even if they grow accidently, that may be just temporary as their business is not ready for growth. So, value “working on the business” as it is the only proper, profitable and enjoyable way of achieving amazing results.

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