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Quick Business Tip – What is YOUR elephant in the room?

Tuesday September 26, 2017

What is YOUR elephant in the room?

Ever find that you are trying to avoid the most obvious of things when running your business? Is the cashflow bothering you? Are some of your employees grinding at you? Is the equipment you use frustrating you? Is your partnership nagging at you? Are the premises substandard? Are you avoiding learning new marketing techniques because you fear they may cost you money for little return? Is getting help from an outside organisation making you feel inadequate?

What is your elephant in the room?

A wise man once told me, seek what makes you feel uncomfortable and just do it? Remember, ACTION gives you a result. Inaction gives you permanent frustration, what we call “Perturbation”. Be an action taker. Countless of successful people will tell you that their frequency of making uncomfortable decisions made them more successful than their peers. Be brave. Face the elephant and make it move over and out of the building. There is no more room for the elephant. You are in control. Go for it!!!

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