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Quick Business Tip – What’s funny about a small business?

Thursday July 5, 2018

How significant is mental toughness in business?

Remember when you first thought of getting into business? Be your own boss, work flexible hours, make more money than you did working for someone else. Remember all those thoughts and feelings? Well, for most people, whether it was starting a business organically or buying an existing business and living off it after repaying your debt off, the reality of those entrepreneurial dreams was far from the truth. On the outside, your family and friends probably had the impression that you have made it, but, you knew very well that it was a slog for the first two years. In fact, for many, that slog continues for many years and even decades.

That’s not really funny. In fact, it’s very sad. However, it’s important to stop wallowing in this space and getting on with it. Your business can work, can be profitable and give you the lifestyle you have dreamt of. It’s not pie in the sky. So long as you still have the spirit to turn it around to the business you deserve, we can work with it. I want to get you back to that space. I would get you to recall why you got into business in the first place and get you busy to work on doing it the right way, the exciting way. Join the many business owners who have changed the course of their business and change your life forever.

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