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Quick Business Tip – When is the best time to plan for 2018?

Tuesday December 12, 2017

When is the best time to plan for 2018?

That depends on your industry. I’m signing up clients right now for half day planning days as some industries want to get organised before Christmas so that it is all in place for them to hit the road running in the new year instead of just starting to plan. Some professional service industries start slowing down around now and they should be planning now. Manaufacturing and trades tend to push hard to get the jobs out in time for their Christmas break. For those companies, plannning is best left to the begining of the year. but, it must be done then. It’s futile to come back from holidays and just launch into the backlog of tasks and get right into deliverables. It’s important to allocate planning time prior to hitting the road for 2018. Otherwise, it will never happen. Business coaches are great for this as they will set you specific tasks in the changeover of the years, appropriate to your industry and give you clarity as to what you want to achieve. You will be forever grateful to your business coach for slowing you down, to speed up in 2018. Most importantly, enjoy the break and refresh yourself by totally switching off as you will be needed fully switched on when you get back and without a proper break you may be resentful. If you need a hand with this, please give me a call.

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