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Quick Business Tip – Who Dares, Wins

Tuesday February 23, 2016

Who Dares, Wins

Who dares, wins – You’ve heard that one before, but, how does it apply to small business? Risk v Return applies to investments, relationships and business, of course. Ever seen an ugly dude with a beautiful woman? He dared, yes, he felt like he had nothing to lose and he was rewarded by the woman thinking, “he’s got what it takes”. Let’s get back onto small business. Have you ever known a business person who is always trying new concepts, new opportunities and you think to yourself, “settle down buddy, concentrate on what you are good at”. Well, we would be missing the most important point at this stage. This person is good at being creative, without fear of having a go, something that the majority of business owners are afraid to do. In fact, the longer the average business owner has been in business, the less likely are they going to be having a real crack to get some amazing results. You see, this versatile business owner, will eventually find their niche that will make them millions.
If you ever wondered how to get to those ultimate goals faster because you are creative and possibly just around the corner of fulfilling that final dream of making it, or you just want to explore the inner fire that you have, but, always finding excuses as to why not, and it frustrates you, give me a call.

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