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Quick Business Tip – Who Made Who?

Monday May 21, 2018

Who Made Who?

It’s the classic chicken or the egg dilemma or the catch 22 scenario. Did we become great business owners because we wanted to learn or because we learnt, we became great business owners? Great business owners always have a yearn to learn. It’s in their developing DNA. If that is the legacy of a great business owner and there are aspiring business owners wanting to get to that level, the key ingredient is the triggering of the desire to do better and to become relentless in the pursuit of finding out how to get there. You have heard about it, knowledge is power. If so, and if that is your ambition, the power I am talking about is the power to be in control of your own destination. That destination will be defined by the person being clear on their goals, written goals, not just thoughts. Become accountable to yourself or your business coach and find the answers on how to achieve this. If you are looking at nailing this part of business, let me know and I will guide you to your own journey’s success.

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