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Quick Business Tip – Who owns your time?

Tuesday June 26, 2018

Who owns your time?

Yes, you heard it. Someone owns your time. Either someone else does, or you do. Make a choice. Choose unwisely and you will feel very pressured and out of control. Business owners and middle managers are pulled in all directions when they have established businesses and managing your own time is a crucial skill to have. If you want to achieve more and be organised, here are a few quick tips:

  • Create a default diary. A regular pattern of actions and meetings. Also include your adhoc items like phone calls.
  • Eliminate your task list. Put all of those items in your calendar for when you WILL DO THEM.
  • Hold regular and structured meetings with key people. This avoids many conversations in between.
  • Delegate, but, don’t abdigate. You need to know how things are done to a general level if you are a small business owner.
  • Empower people to do their jobs, but, ensure you trained them thoroughly in the first place. Let them make the mistakes. You did.
  • Leave mobile phones go to message bank. The important and unimportant ones will get sorted out. Besides, people will learn to sort things out for themselves and/or use email.

If you want to nail this one, give me a call and you will be amazed how “unbusy” you will become.

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