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Quick Business Tip – Who Is Your Ideal Customer?

Tuesday February 5, 2019

Who Is Your Ideal Customer?

This is a very important question. Even more important is the answer. Imagine your business being surrounded by amazing customers that fit your ideal customer profile. What I have found through coaching so many business owners is that they want to make an honest buck, reduce the hassles of running their business and get the flexibility to enjoy life as they thoroughly deserve it.

Remember, your role in your customer’s life is to serve them. Not in a sub-servant way, but, in an added value way. No matter what industry you come from, professional, trades, manufacturing, importing/wholesaling, retailing or associations, your role is to add value. Otherwise, you can’t monetise what you do. In return, you should expect rewards in financial and business enjoyment terms. I know, some of you are probably thinking now “But that’s impossible. You don’t know my customers or my industry”. Trust me, I have coached pretty much in every industry and there are good and bad people in all of them. What I am asking you to do, is to seriously consider massaging your marketing and sales techniques to attract your ideal customers and make yourself unattractive to those you don’t want. Let them go to your competitors. Can you imagine this? Your competitors are now dealing with your past problems ie. they are now busy serving the whinging, non-paying customers you could have still been dealing with, and you are dealing with potentially their ideal customers.

Choose wisely and watch how you too can enjoy waking up to your business every day.

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