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Quick Business Tip – Who Is Your Opposition?

Tuesday April 17, 2018

Who Is Your Opposition?

You are. That’s right. Your limitation in your business is 100% correlated to your expectation from it. This means that the opposition to your business is actually you. This is a time for celebration because you are now 100% in control of your own destiny and nobody else is in your way. You have control of your emotions and needs, far more then someone else’s. Well, you should have. If you need assistance in breaking through this barrier to the next stage of your business, please give me a hoy. I work with clients on clarifying what that new expectation could be and give them the technical skills to achieve it and most of all the support if and when they reach a hurdle, hence, avoiding the typical response, being procrastination and reduced belief that this is possible for them. The outcome would be that they would remain at that unfulfilled state.

So, let me help you achieve your expectations.

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