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Jason and Darren Charles

After many years in a long-standing family business, with accepting survival and minimal profits as “good enough” we decided to seek professional help in the area of business management. For years we had considered hard work, long hours and loyalty to sub-contractors was the formula to a good business (wrong). We realised the business had more potential but did not know how to capitalise on this, we approached Nick Ikonomou with a wish list of where we would like to be, and in a few short months, Nick has helped turn this business around, and turned our personal lives and positivity around as well. We would use the similarity of a football team that has been chasing a flag for a lifetime and finally have a coach to carry them through to the final. He has done the preparation and teaching, now we have the ability to win the prize. With the introduction of new systems and ideas we can already see a huge turnaround in the development of our company, and with the goals set by Nick at our monthly meetings, makes us more accountable and can finally see profits and success looming. We will be forever grateful for our connection with Nick Ikonomou and his services.

Jason and Darren Charles

Managing Directors

Charles Bros Building Contractors

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