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Paula Zahra

Speaking as an employee at Advanced Life Photography, one of the many businesses under the guidance of ActionCOACH, I can honestly report a huge increase in job satisfaction for all staff and customer satisfaction for our clients due to work flow practices implemented through Nick Ikonomou. My employer Clint Dickenson started with Nick last year after toying with the idea of business coaching for quite a while. The biggest hurdle we needed to get past was the understanding that we needed to have someone steering the ship, so to speak. Someone working on the business, instead of everyone working in the business. It’s a hard process to comprehend when you are an expert at what you have done for 25 years. We now have systemized procedures for every aspect of our job so someone else can also do our job as our business grows (up 16% so far). With Nick there to guide us, we can see the big picture and implement changes that are needed, instead of being so busy doing a job the same, flaws get repeated year after year. Jobs are now delegated out, improving individual job satisfaction. Staff turnover has decreased, as we now have the ability to learn and grow with the job and not feel that Clint can do it better, so why bother trying. Clint now has even more free time to do what he loves doing best, promote his business and socialize, as less staff training is required. We are all happier with a boss that smiles instead of frowns. Thank You.

Paula Zahra


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