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What type of clients we work with

Basically we coach all type of business owners and the main criteria is “being coachable”. However, typically our clients come from the categories listed below and as you can see, they are from all sizes of established businesses.

Really successful business owner(s)

  • typically turning over in excess of $2m-$50m pa
  • proud to have a business coach
  • often it’s to show that they are on the ball
  • can easily cash flow any of my 3 levels of programs
  • normally has an entrepreneurial mindset
  • has a clear investment mentality into their business
  • often talks about business purchases, territory expansions, and even franchising
  • quite often are workaholics and are still searching how to get a reality check
  • often distrust employees as they are inefficient in their eyes and sucking up their profits
  • get incredible benefits from my coaching because I get them to enjoy their original base they have created
  • they are extremely appreciative of the fine distinctions I give them in the running of their business

Your average more advanced small business owner(s)

  • typically having sales between $500k-$2m
  • always concerned with key employees coming and going
  • seasonal impacts are more felt
  • still grasping the understanding of their financials
  • plenty of opportunity to expand their marketing strategies
  • often have challenges with running the business with their spouse or business partner
  • see having a business coach as the normal progression to the next stage
  • their “I know” mentality is at the appropriate level. ie. they have come to the conclusion that they don’t know everything and would value a business professional helping them

Small business owner(s)

  • usually up to 3 employees
  • unsure how to break away from being so busy
  • take one step forward, but, there is always something that undoes them and they seem to be stuck at the same level
  • they usually find the investment as a serious one and need to do it properly or else the benefits will not be visible
  • they are often people who say they want to change, but, have the greatest resistance to change and that’s why getting to the next level is challenging for them
  • they probably need business coaching the most

Struggling businesses of any size

  • they must see me before it’s critical
  • if they can’t pay for the rent, wages, stock, any tax, quite frankly it’s too late to see a business coach
  • if it’s only some of these, then, it’s essential to engage CoachNick NOW!!!

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