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Why Do Your Employees Leave Your Business?

Friday March 25, 2011

5 Reasons Why You Would Want Business Coach Nick Ikonomou

My research through client coaching sessions and prospects concludes that the main reason why your employees would leave your business is that they either lost respect or interest in the people who they work with or their boss, who may well be the small business owner.

Business owners always fall for the trap of believing that their employees left because of more money being offered somewhere else. Let’s face it, if they loved their work or you so much, they would have asked for a pay rise first.

That is the soft way of telling their boss, “I don’t like you or the crazy people you employ, I’ve had enough and I’m leaving”.

So, throwing money at people wouldn’t solve the problem, but, providing a better working environment, would. The environment can be:

  • Better skilled team members
  • Happier moods maintained by positive type of team members
  • Clearer vision where the business is going which is shared with all
  • Involvement of team members in certain decisions affecting their work
  • Healthier facilities through ergonomics and cleanliness
  • A boss who has showed up and is deserving of great employees

The last one is very important. You get what you deserve, so, if you want different results, you need to:

  • Change your attitude
  • Up-skill yourself
  • Up-skill yourself; and
  • Up-skill yourself

Not as a technician, but, as an all-round business owner.

Earn the respect and interest of your staff by leading by example and they will stay.

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